what inspires us

We find inspiration for our dishes from California to the south of Spain, Italy & France. Our pizzas are cooked on stone deck ovens which create the perfect, thin crust, artisan style pizza; crispy on the bottom and chewy in the middle.

we are a neighbourhood restaurant...

UNA pizza + wine was dreamt up through multiple trips to San Francisco where pizza and the restaurants serving California style pizzas are found in every neighbourhood and are often the anchor for each area. We love how these restaurants welcomed everyone that lives within their community for anything from a small snack, to a glass of wine or even simply dessert and a coffee. This is who we wanted to be for the neighbourhoods we call home - a place for friends and neighbours to gather in a warm and welcoming environment.

an anchor in the community

UNA aims to be an anchor in our community. We are first come first serve meaning we don't take reservations so that guests may come in at any time, for anything and stay for as long as they like. We also love good wine so had to include it in our name and have curated a unique list showcasing small producers whose emphasis, like ours, is also on quality.

be our guest

We may look like we are in the business of selling pizza + wine but truly we are all in the business of much more than that. Our doors first opened on January 24th, 2010 with the vision of being a place where anyone could gather to experience true hospitality “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.” UNA is here first and foremost for our guests and our community. Although our primary goal may appear to feed people, we always wanted UNA to do and be so much more than just a restaurant. Today we strive constantly to redefine relevance in areas of Guest Experience, Positivity, Family Dynamic, Atmosphere, Community and Sustainability.

our food philosophy

UNA prides itself on providing guests with a consistent, quality driven and tasty food experience whether you are dining in, picking up or getting delivery at home. We use ingredient-focused preparations, where good products are showcased instead of fancy cooking techniques. Our food concept is driven by quality and we constantly strive to be the best pizzeria and one of the best restaurants in the city. From our pizza dough to every sauce and (almost) every topping on your pizza; we make everything in house. We support local farmers, suppliers and businesses as much as possible. Our focus in the kitchen is always to create a delicious, consistent and efficient food program.

our suppliers

We love Bear and the Flower for outdoor raised happy pigs; Bowden Farms for chicken and eggs; Chinook Honey for local, natural honey; Leaf and Lyre for organic, local Kale (in the warmer months) and Poplar Bluff Organics for root vegetables. If it’s local and quality-focused, we support it.